Isabelle Wittock-Mérenne

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Brussels (Belgium) in 1957. Arrived in Australia in 2001 after several life stages in Central and West Africa, 19 years of experience as a child, a teenager and an adult, interrupted by stays in Europe and the United States.


Education – Workshop

  • 1978 Bachelor in Law
  • 1981 Master in Law
  • 1982 Master in International Trade
  • 2006 «Flambe Americana» Workshop in blown glass with Brian Corr – ANU (Australian National University-Canberra Australia)
  • 2006 Workshop in moulded glass with Cassandra Dawe – SCA (Sydney College of the Arts-Sydney University)
  • 2006 «Bring Back the Cane » Workshop with Ben Edols – ANU
  • 2007 «Kilnwork», Workshop with Vivien Pollnow – SCA
  • 2008 «Japanese Style, Casting and Coldwork» Workshop with Tsuyoshi Inoue organised at the biennial conference of Ausglass at ANU
  • 2009 « Create with Bullseye» Workshop with Emma Varga
  • 2011 «The Discursive Space» Workshop with Dan Clayman organised at the biennial conference of Ausglass at SCA


Group exhibitions

  • 2007 Ausglass at GAG Gallery (Glass Artists Gallery)
  • 2010 PromeArts Gallery, St Martin de Ré, France
  • 2011 «Peripheral Vision » Ausglass Conference in Sydney


Solo exhibitions

  • 2008 PromenArts Gallery, Balmain (Sydney)
  • 2010 Sydney Metropolitan Art (SMART) Gallery, Rozelle (Sydney)
  • 2013 Sydney Metropolitan Art (SMART) Gallery


Private/Public collections

  • New South Wales Mineral Council, Sydney
  • Private collections in Sydney, Canberra, Brussels, Paris and Los Angeles