Isabelle Wittock-Mérenne

Exhibition 2008 - PromenArts Gallery

You will find major principles and specificities of African culture in this collection, such as the important role of African women in their culture and the relationship of individuals with their tribe and the different life stages.

A work like "La femme ivoirienne" (The Ivorian woman) expresses the two main roles of African women: motherhood and hard work in the fields.
"L'exclusion de la tribu" (the exclusion from the tribe) expresses an accident, a differentiation which leads to depression and exclusion.
"L'enfant soldat" (the child soldier) leads to questions like "What will remain after that?", "What could we do for those children?" or "Can we recover from such a wound?"

As you will understand, Zabilou's work provokes reflection. Reflection about cultures that are different from ours, raising people’s awareness and opening up to the world.

Discover the 2008 exhibition in images and be touched by its sensitivity.